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Ouarzazate, Hollywood of the South is No Longer a Myth!

Shooting movies: Ouarzazate Flagship Cinema

Currently, there are a number of television and movie shooting, including the American-German film “Red Tent” (The Red Tent) from director Roger Young.

The city of Ouarzazate is booming cinematically. Since the beginning of the year, large foreign productions were filmed in the studios of the city. According Abderrazzak Zitouny, director of Ouarzazate Film Commission (OFC), the city continues to welcome more foreign films and television series of different nationalities.

Currently, there are a number of television and movie shooting. For example the American-German film “Red Tent” (The Red Tent) from director Roger Young.

“This American director knows Ouarzazate since it is his sixth film shot in the area.” Several Moroccan actors, Arab, European and American take parts in the shooting of this film, such as British actress Minnie Driver, American Morena Baccarin, Palestinian Hoyam Abbas and Franco-Moroccan Morjana Alaoui. In addition, a significant number of extras involved in the filming of this movie. “More than 3,000 extras, from the majority of the province of Ouarzazate involved,” says Zitouny. The shooting of this film, which is expected to last three months, will be completed by the end of July.

Another American production shooting in the Hollywood city. This is the comedy “Rock The Casbah” by Barry Levinson. On the poster of this film written by Mitch Glazer, there is the excellent Bill Murray, Kate Hudson, Danny McBride or Zooey Deschanel.

As for the television series shooting, we have American series “King Cut” and the French Atlantis series(season 2). The city will host the 7th art other features in the coming weeks, including films like “Batman VS Superman,” “The New Adventures On Aladdin” and “Biblical Series”.

In short, the 2013-2014 year is a good year for the film industry in Ouarzazate. Major film projects are underway or created as part of the development strategy of the film industry by 2016, which includes the construction of six projects: Marketing and communication, services, skills and human resources, business intelligence, financial incentives and infrastructure. “The achievements have had a very positive progress overall. The dynamics of foreign productions that have inflow ventilation pipes Ouarzazate in 2013 and 2014 is an indicator sign, ” the director of the OFC.

However, some obstacles prevent the effective future development of the strategy. On one hand, the inadequacy of funds actually received from budgets provided by the strategy. “It is essential to raise the necessary funds for the operation of the OFC sustainability in the coming years to reach critical objectives sought,” says Zitouny. According to him, we must face the same competitors who give direct subsidies in their territories or free hosting film crews, improved air services and opening up the region and improve the health system (establishment of a aeromedical evacuation system).


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